SPECIAL REPORT: Class Struggle in France


Written by JRCF and published from Overblog.

The political and union clarification, the citizen debate closest to all the sectors in struggle is the best way to support the current impetuous popular uprising.

"When those who are above cannot anymore, when those who are below no longer want ..."

The political and social crisis accelerates sharply in France and could even lead to a popular uprising of pre-revolutionary importance. It must be remembered that Sarkozy could not be re-elected and that Hollande could not even represent himself. As for Macron and his completely false majority (56% of the voters did not vote in the second legislative round!), It did not take two years to attack the popular layers.

Increasingly, Lenin's comment is very timely: "When those from below do not want to be governed as before, when those from above can no longer govern as before, then a period of revolution begins."

Go to the mass movement because it is moving forward.

Certainly, it is not a matter of idealizing the movement of yellow vests whose initial ideological weaknesses are much less attributable to insurgent citizens than to the enormous failures of the unions and the political personnel who for decades denied the ideological struggle against capitalism. socialism and for the power of the working class. And in the absence of a real militant communist party and 100% against the EU, the lack of a class union movement liberates from the vagaries of "social dialogue", also for a France positively rebellious to the supranational capital EU and a popular and patriotic left that puts the world of work at the center of a new CNR, any popular movement can easily fall prey to the demagogues of the far right in Wauquiez or Le Pen. As Lenin also understood: "Without revolutionary theory (and without the vanguard party of the proletariat!), There is no revolutionary movement."

However, far from opening revolutionary perspectives to the popular movement, the politico-syndicalist left surprised by the G.J. It offers an unfortunate spectacle:

  • Deaf to their combative bases of the CGT that reach yellow vests and want to build all together against the power, the Confederate General Staff of the CGT has rejected and denigrated the movement of the yellow vests instead of putting the package so that the "vests" "yellows" and "red vests" join everywhere, to help the movement to democratically organize around clear class demands, which demand a step from road blockade to blockade of capitalist profits in and around companies; Let's not talk about the staff of the CFDT, this "capital pastor" whose management of the mission and the government is to resort to the false social dialogue in Macron.
  • PCF Congress has delivered a bright pink mouse. In fact, the new national secretary, Fabien Roussel, assisted by the immovable Pierre Laurent, hastened to increase anti-Leninism, which forms the basis of the reformist "mutation" of this party, to reject any idea of ​​nationalization. Large companies, to denigrate the idea of ​​leaving the left of the euro and the EU (Frexit Progressive), the resolution passed in Congress even achieved the feat of condemning France insubordinately while opening the door. PS / PCF union to the first municipal round (which again is to criticize Melenchon!). By not restoring the hammer and sickle as emblem of the party, the new leadership even speaks of a list common to Europeans with the socialist ghost Hamon ... And to say that we dare to present this "change" as an "identity" of refocus of PCF!
  • the F.I. has entered into a serious crisis that sees the neomitterrandiana tendency that, lamentably, supported by JLM, brutally excludes the republican, patriotic, anti-imperialist elements and closer to the popular aspirations. The PRCF, which did well to provide critical but dynamic support for the JLM application, is not surprised by the increasing class differentiation of the IF. We have always said that the MI is a composite mass movement, part of which, linked to the upper layers of the metropolis, dreams of replacing the late PS, while the mass of workers who voted for JLM aspire to a clear opposition policy for the capitalist EU. More than ever, the PRCF calls for the formation of a broad anti-fascist, patriotic, popular and environmental Front supported by a popular and patriotic Left, which places "the world of work at the center of national life" (as requested by the CNR program). It implies the quickest possible reconstruction of a communist combat party.

With this in mind, the PRCF proposes:

  • A progressive Frexit Tour de France, antifascist and internationalist. We must fight against the only Maastrichtian party incarnated Macron, the proconsul Merkel and the right Wauquiez / Le Pen who does not even want to leave the supranational EU. For the pluralistic debate, let's drop the taboos on the euro, this continental austerity made currency, in the EU, this prison of the peoples governed by Berlin, on NATO, this machine to globalize the next wars of the United States against the peoples; Russian, Iranian and Chinese, and in capitalism, this obsolete system that leads humanity to its loss for all reasons!
  • Combat the Union of Fighting Syndicalists; It is a shame for the staff of the union confederations in euro format who, for so many years, have refused to organize the blockade of capitalist profit by preferring false social dialogue and the moldy lie of social Europe. Trade unionists struggle, we coordinate downward and inter-pro by preferring social anger to sleepy devices. Why not discuss, for example, the principle of an important demonstration in the Champs-Elysees on the slogan of the general increase in wages, the repeal of all counter-reforms and privatizations of Maastrichtians? A great democratic fiscal reform that taxes the great fortunes and the capitalists for the benefit of the working class and the middle classes?
  • support for the mobilization of yellow vests, discussion with them on an equal footing and mutual respect, help the movement to organize democratically through the election of delegates everywhere revocable, not to back the false social dialogue of the government but to expand and coordinate the action at all levels, without mentioning the companies, the commercial and industrial areas, the places where he works, lives and studies the young people who often sacrifice themselves in our country. Also support the high school students who are fighting against Parcoursup and breaking up the French secondary school.

Only the people are sovereign!