Brochure of KNE on Environment

Life without exploitation in the era of the “Digital Economy”” – “The “Chernobyls” of capitalism, behind the myth of “Green Development”

Material of the 45th Festival of KNE – Odigitis

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Many people think about the future of humanity and they ask themselves whether the workers, the poor popular strata can live in a better way. Is there any possibility that the dreams of million people around the world will come true? The reality itself, answers this question, if we look carefully at it. Even if the 4th Industrial Revolution is already here, at the same time, the unemployment is devastating, as well as underemployment, poverty, and environmental destruction. The workers are called to choose the need they have to cover, while it is possible to cover all of them, in a multi-faceted way.

There are many people who believe that capitalism, with its crises, poverty and wars is not a one-way street. KNE, in the light of the vanguard theory of Marxism – Leninism, shows the other road that humanity must follow, the road that leads to the abolition of exploitation of man by man and the satisfaction of all contemporary needs.

This publication aims at answering the questions and concerns above. It contains the material from the discussions of the 45th Festival of KNE – Odigitis, whose subjects were the following: “Life without exploitation in the era of the “Digital Economy”” and “The “Chernobyls” of capitalism, behind the myth of “Green Development”.

These discussions, in the framework of the Festival highlighted that the socialist relations of production, can utilize all the possibilities that are open before us for the benefit of society and its overall prosperity, contrary to the bourgeois propaganda and its targets for development -whether “green” or not- that supposedly will benefit everyone, the exploiters and the exploited ones. In other words, they highlighted, through several examples, the superiority and timeliness of the socialist society. The publication was edited by the Ideological Committee of the CC of KNE, while the translation was handled under the responsibility of the International Relations Committee of the CC of KNE.