Communist Pledge of the Partido Comunista Mexicano, PCM

Unbreakable promise of the communist to enter

consciously, selflessly and without coercion in the

communist party:

I give my word:

To consider as my family all the communist comrades and all

those who share our doctrine not only in words, but in fact; to

fight, until exhaling the last breath, for the poor workers

and peasants; to work in the measure of strength and capacity

for the benefit of the proletariat; to defend the Soviet Power,

 its honor and its dignity with my works and by

personal example; to place the discipline of the Party

above personal convictions and interests: to fulfill completely

and unconditionally all the obligations that the Party imposes

 on me.


I force myself:

To have no compassion for the enemies of the working people or to cover them up, even if these enemies are former friends and close relatives; not to maintain friendship with the enemies of the proletariat or with anyone who thinks in a hostile way to us; to attract new disciples to the doctrine of communism; to educate family members as true communists.

I promise:

To face death with dignity and serenely, to emancipate the workers from the yoke of the oppressors; to not ask mercy from enemies; Communist Party of Mexico of the workers if I am taken prisoner  


or in combat; not to simulate before the enemy that I think of another way to obtain profit or personal advantages.


To accumulate personal wealth, money and things;

I consider denigrating gambling commerce as a means of personal gain; I consider shameful superstitions, a vestige of obscurantism and ignorance; I consider it inadmissible to classify people according to their religion, language or nationality, convinced that in the future all workers will be merged into one family.

I will pity only those who have been deceived and dragged by the enemy because of their ignorance,

and I will forgive and forget the old crimes to those who sincerely repent, come with us from the enemy camp and erase their past with works.

If I do not keep my promises consciously,

guided by the desire for profit and profit, I will be I reprobate and a miserable traitor.

This means that I have lied to myself,

to the comrades, to my conscience, And I will not be worthy of the title of communist!

On the oath to be pronounced upon entering the Party, I propose that this text, which is an excerpt from a text emerged from the masses of Russian workers upon entering the Communist Party, is collected by Elizaveta Drabkina in Black and Hard Bread. Propuesta del Camarada Ángel Chávez