Confusion and the Need for a Communist Program

Confusion and the Need for a Communist Program

By Comrade Justin J.

For the past 35 years, neoliberal capitalism has wreaked havoc throughout the world, and in the United States has meant the loss of good-paying jobs along with declining living conditions. Not to mention the constant state of war the world seems to be in. It’s almost been accepted that the human race is a “war-like species”, in order to justify this type of world. The working class has of course felt the burden of the situation while the ruling 1% continues to grow richer and more powerful.

As a result, the open corruption of government has been exposed time and time again, with career politicians becoming lobbyists after serving their term. Some even serving on corporate boards for companies like Wal-Mart and Exxon Mobil. The flagrant anti-worker legislation that seems to fly from the halls of congress and state legislatures is carefully constructed by such corporations, and the assault on workers living standards never seems to end. And let’s make no mistake about it: they will not end under capitalism. No matter who is elected, no matter which party is in charge, this situation can only worsen until the working class assumes power. Karl Marx correctly theorized that the fundamental contradiction in the capitalist mode of production is between capital and labor. What’s good for the capitalist will always be at the expense of the worker.

With this being said, workers in the US seemingly realize something is amiss. They work, save money, go to school, pay their taxes, yet despite doing everything “right”, they still struggle to get by. And now they are asking questions. Why is this happening? Do I work hard enough? Do I just not deserve a better life than my parents? Do I deserve debt? Who’s fault is this? Perhaps the rich? Perhaps the poor? Immigrants? People receiving government assistance?

You see, without a pro-worker Communist political program, the working class remains in a state of confusion. This is where we are in 2017. Some workers continue to vote for Republicans and Democrats, in hope that something might shake up the system that is so obviously broken. Although most do not harbor such illusions and choose not to vote. It should be noted that in the 2016 presidential election, polls indicated that a sizeable number of Donald Trump voters wanted someone who would “shake up Washington” and make “change”. This was also the overwhelming sentiment during the 2008 election of Barack Obama, whose campaign was built around “Hope” and “Change”.

Unfortunately for those voters, this change will not occur. The same lobbyists and CEOs will surround the new Senators, Representatives, and the President.

So what do we do?

We fight back with a real program for the working class. Where the principles of Marxism-Leninism and democracy are placed before anything or anyone else. Where people are placed before profits, the environment is protected, the workplaces are controlled democratically by workers, and things like health care and education are considered human rights rather than privileges for the wealthy.

This program can be found in the Party of Communists USA as well as it’s youth branch, the League of Young Communists. We are a party dedicated to revolutionary change that goes beyond empty words. It’s present in everything we do, every discussion, every meeting, and the way we conduct our activities.
As a current member of the party, I encourage all of those reading to look into the PCUSA, specifically if you’re feeling this same confusion that many feel right now. Examine what you can do to bring capitalism to it’s knees for good, and to take power away from those who make your life (and the lives of millions of others) so difficult. Our membership is growing, our party is open for anyone to join, and I sincerely hope to hear from you, so that you’ll be known as our comrade.