LYCUSA and PPP Youth Joint Statement Honoring Rachel Corrie

3/19/2017 – The League of Young Communists USA (LYCUSA) and the Palestinian People’s Party Youth (PPP Youth) issue a joint statement honoring Rachel Corrie.

Rachel Corrie was a young American human rights activist who dedicated her life to supporting the Palestinian people. She was active in defending Palestinian families who were being forced out of their homes by physical force from the Israeli military. Rachel Corrie was murdered by the Israeli military when she was struck by an armored bulldozer in Rafah, Palestine, Sunday, March 16, 2003. Rachel Corrie’s murder is a criminal act which shows the total disdain for human life by the state of Israel.

The LYCUSA and the PPP Youth honor Rachel Corrie. Her dedication and her work are not forgotten. Rachel Corrie lives on, and the Palestinian people will not forget her contribution and sacrifice.

CC of the LYCUSA
CC of the PPP Youth