LYCUSA Central Comittee Meeting Held

On January 7th, 2020, the League of Young Communists USA held a Central Comittee Meeting under the slogan, "Family, Integrity, LYC."

Reports were given by the LYC Gen Sec, LYC Org Sec, and LYC Membership Sec. Photos and videos of the LYC CC shall feature only certain comrades who represent the LYCUSA's public image. As stated in the CC meeting, the book Donbass Cowboy can be downloaded here:

click picture for book

Workshop 1: World Federation of Democratic Youth and international situation in general information

i. Basic history and information of WFDY and why LYC will build and strengthen WFDY in the USA

ii. Rundown of international situation

iii. Breakdown or who's who around the world regarding other Communist Youth Organizations, individuals, organizations, Parties etc

Workshop 2: LYCUSA Districts & Clubs report, and zoning

i. Zoning of clubs: for example, combining Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island into one single LYC / PCUSA club “New England PCUSA” and “New England LYCUSA”

ii. Creation of LYCUSA cells, which will direct to their local PCUSA clubs

Workshop 3: LYCUSA Social Media Presence

i. How to set up social media for LYCUSA club: twitter, facebook, instagram, link to LYC website; creation of LYCUSA youtube channel

ii. Integrating all LYC delegates to create social media presence by their districts and clubs, to broadcast LYC / PCUSA across country

Closing remarks: The LYCUSA CC meeting shall establish the leadership of the LYC until the 2021 LYC Congress which will be on day 2 of the PCUSA Congress. LYCUSA CC members shall return home to provide leadership to their entire districts.

Thank you to all comrades who participated!