LYCUSA Condemns Trump Attack on Venezuela

The Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the League of Young Communists USA condemns the Trump administration’s recent attack on Venezuela and its duly elected president Nicolas Maduro.

The outlandish claims of the Venezuelan government being the driving force of an international drug ring to “flood America with cocaine” is a falsehood and true hypocrisy. The LYCUSA declares that the “War on Drugs” which began in the late 20th century is in fact a war against the left while at the same time a war on minority communities in the United States.

The LYCUSA makes this assertion on the following premises:

• The United States and its intelligence services have always been at the helm of the international drug trade, supporting drug warlords such as Vang Pao, Manuel Noriega, Khun Sa, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, Carlos Hank, south Vietnamese generals, Colombian military officials etc in the guise of “anti-communism”

• Planes fly weapons and supplies from the United States to foreign countries and return loaded with cocaine, heroin and other drugs

• US Special Forces directly supported the Contras, and US military forces were active across Latin America training paramilitary “anti-communist” forces, while at the same time observing, monitoring and coordinating the drug trade, such as Operation High Tower

• Mass drug abuse began in Vietnam, victimizing American soldiers, who later returned home contributing to the creation of addicts, which alongside the destruction of the American public health system by Ronald Reagan led to the massive number of homelessness omnipotent in the streets of the US today

• Drug distribution inside the United States focused on destroying minority neighborhoods and communities

​The LYCUSA notes the seriousness of these allegations from the US government, and urges all progressive youths to organize against these attacks, and for peace. The LYCUSA asks for all Venezuelans to take these charges as an imminent act of war because the US government has proven that it will go all out (such as the invasion of Panama) to maintain the masquerade image of the “War on Drugs.” The so called war on drugs is a sham — the only class or group that profits from the manufacture and selling of drugs is the capitalist class!