Modern Lies About Socialism in Our School System

By: Comrade Johnathan for the LYC

           In 9th grade I was first exposed to communism is school. At this point I had a somewhat socialist mindset but I had never heard of Marx or Lenin. In English class we began to read a very famous anti-communist book by the name of Animal Farm by george Orwell. My teacher who is a rather objective person teach us about communism very broadly. She was objective and tried to be fair but nevertheless we watched a documentary about the Soviet Union. This documentary was more filled with lies then I could ever realize at that point in time. After that we read the book which in simple is a about a bunch of animals who over take a farm and establish a dictatorship. Throughout reading the book I never quite satisfied with its idea of communism. I decided to start reading Marxism literature and now the rest is history. Another great example is my history class in 10th grade in which I had a rather complex understanding of Marxism Leninism at this point in time. My history teacher saw me reading Lenin and had a rant on how terrible communism is. From that point on his class was rather hard on communism and completely anti objective. He even suggested that I read the gulag archipelago which is an even more of anti communist book written by Nazi sympathizer. Throughout my experience in school there are too many stories to address here due to me having no means to remember everything that was said and because it happens so much. Nevertheless my experience is one of many who see this cramming of anti communism down our throats.

               It’s no lie to say that our school system has lied about socialism and communism time and time again. In history class we are told that the Soviet Union was more brutal than hitler’s fascist regime. In economics we are told that command/ planned economy is a result of a dictatorship and leads to economic failure. Even in English class we read the fiction of George Orwell and his lies against the Soviet cause. Even worse than that many “professionals” think that schools don’t teach the horrors of communism enough and how our schools even teach communist values. Nothing can be further from the truth. Every day the school is cramming anti communist ideas into the brains of students to the point where anything other than anti communism is seen worse than that of someone who holds fascist beliefs. Though schools should stay completely objective they should not teach the false history of communism and teach all forms of political ideology fairly.

            School by its very purpose needs to be objective and yet we find schools to be one of the biggest medians for indoctrination into the “American” way of life. It would be easy for someone to blame teachers for this but this is generally a false statement. Teachers are merely listening to the state and therefore the capitalist class on what to teach. Most teachers hope for their class to be objective yet it’s not because teachers can only control so much in a classroom. Teachers have to strictly follow the curriculum leaving very little time for teaching other ideas or opinions on the topic. Some teachers try their hardest to make their classes objective while others give into the indoctrination making that class even more biased. Teachers should not and are not enemies of the communist movement and should be welcomed with open arms. They like many other Americans have be told lies and are indoctrinated into the great American lie. Many teachers in my school have a few reactions to my belief in communism. Most don’t care or would rather not get political with students. Some are directly aggressive towards communism and will usually drag the class towards that but some are open to political discussion and are very respectful and will even agree with communists on some key points. Communists shouldn’t get aggressive back to teachers or try cause political conflicts in the middle of class. This only causes a bad image of our movement and in reactionary schools may even cause harsher policies towards political beliefs.

            Usually most of the anti communist propaganda in school comes from the state’s board of education. Colorado, Utah, and any other states make up a curriculum for that given states school system to follow. Teachers and even school administrators have very little to do with what the curriculum says and teaches. Most of the people who in the school bored are not working class. Like any other part of the government it is filled with mostly of the bourgeois. Unlike the working class teachers these elites gain from schools teaching the ideology of their choosing and teaching the “evils” of communism and the “greatness” of capitalism. Even at the local levels the school administrators and local government (not big cities but small towns) tend to be petty bourgeois and enforcing this indoctrination is also in their interests. The education system is one of the most bureaucratic anti teacher beaches of the government. Some teachers mostly in big cities strake against the school system and even try to form teachers unions. Despite this teachers are one of the lowest paid professions and have little to no voice about their workplace and what they can teach.

         Now that we have addressed the why and how this indoctrination happens it is now important to address the effect this has on the students. From my experience it causes students to be aggressive towards their fellow students holding different ideologies. A good example of this is when students communist or not don’t stand for the pledge of allegiance students will try to force the student to stand up and will slap their hat off their head and start singing the star spangled banner. Of course I can’t speak for every school and my school is rather reactionary but I can say without a doubt that my school is not the only one. On the rare occasion discussion is allowed students who hold an opposing view are usually told to stop sharing their thoughts by other classmates and are harassed by some students almost on a daily basis. In my school particularly I remember in my AP world history we talked very little about the holocaust and the crimes caused by the Nazis but nearly spent a whole week “learning” the “horrors” of the Soviet Union and how democratic and peace loving the USA is. I noticed after that my fellow students treated me differently. In their mind I believed in an ideology of murder and starvation. Other comrades I know have faced open harassment from students and the school administration tends to ignore or blame the oppressed students on the problems that are being caused. To any devoted communist student still in school my advice is to not argue with students and teachers unless they want to and will take you seriously. The best thing to do is master the theory of Marxism Leninism and to study our history and to understand the schools lies. That’s not say don’t advocate but don’t waste your time with those who refuse to listen and will cause your life more trouble.

         What can be done to stop this slander of our ideology and of our history. Well the simple answer is to understand and then to educate. Those teachers and students who will listen are potentially comrades and we must spend our time with them and teaching them. When you find that a teacher is teaching these lies type them a email and be very professional. Try to ignore those who will not listen and focus on school and the study of communist theory. School should not be a communists main battle ground. School is an opportunity to read theory and to understand the true horrors of the capitalist system. Once you have graduated and go into the workforce and to college the opportunities to advocate are different and more apparent. Unfortunately the public school system is a hard place for most young communist and our ideas are ignored because of our inexperience in life and age. Advocate but make sure to use your head and not to cause unneeded conflict that only causes a bad image of our ideology.