Press Release of Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) Odigitis Festival

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On Saturday the huge awe-inspiring political gathering was addressed by the GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas and greeted by the Secretary of the CC of the KNE, Nikos Abatiellos, as well as by the Palestinian activist, Ahed Tamimi, the 17-year old activist who was held for eight months this year in Israeli prisons, who became a symbol of the struggle of the Palestinian people against the criminal Israeli occupation, who participated in the Festival, invited by the KNE.

In her greeting, Ahed Tamimi stated:

“I greet all of you here at the Festival. I want to thank all of you for the immense support you have given towards the Palestinian cause. I thank you for your powerful moral stance that gives great strength to our struggle.

First of all, I would like to congratulate the KKE on its 100 years of action and the 50 years of the KNE. We always say that we gather strength from the strength and support that you give us; however, we don’t consider you only as supporters of our cause but as partners in the struggle and in our struggle.

Despite the suffering that each Palestinian undergoes every day, we don’t view ourselves as victims, but as fighters for freedom and the cause. We always say that the peoples and our people can achieve change and can bring the struggle to fruition; for this, free people all over the world must join together to put an end to exploitation, capitalism and colonialism and to end imperialism.

We thank everyone for the support you have given us. Your stance means a lot to us and gives me great strength to return to my homeland, to my country and to continue the struggle against colonialism.

In closing, I would like to say that we come from the land of peace, from Palestine, which at no time had peace. If there is no peace in Palestine, there will be no peace ever in the world.

All of the governments that support Israel support it because of their capitalist interests and we must all unite against colonialism and capitalism that is the reason and the cause for all of the suffering of the world. Thank you all for your support!”

The Secretary of the CC of the KNE, N. Abatiellos commented, among other things on the action of the KNE: “We erect obstacles EVERYWHERE against the effort of the system and its parties to deceive the youth. These efforts will strengthen. We lead the way everywhere in order to reveal the false hopes the government and the other parties are sowing; we take the lead in order to create spots of resistance against the anti-people policies, collective struggles for the contemporary needs of the youth. To strengthen the anti-capitalist struggle with the participation, the liveliness, the militancy of the youth of working-popular families…. With a strong workers’ movement, with a more powerful social alliance, our generation can be the generation of overthrows! (…) Together with the KNE and the KKE, the youth can become stronger, to struggle for a life with real freedom, to satisfy their contemporary needs.

Towards this effort we have powerful weapons. The contemporary revolutionary strategy of the KKE, its estimations and conclusions drawn from a century of History, full of struggles, sacrifices, confrontations with the bourgeois class, the state and its mechanisms. We have the forcefulness of the 50-year course of the KNE that is the youthful charge on the future, for a new world, for socialism – communism. We are optimistic. We are certain and decided.”

Announcment of Bureau of CC of KNE, about the succesful Festival 100 years KKE-50 years KNE