The PCUSA and the LYCUSA shall lead the fight for LGBTQ Rights

The PCUSA and the LYCUSA shall lead the fight for LGBTQ Rights

By Comrade Amy Sorel King

My struggles of being a Transwoman come from the oppression by the bourgeois religions that control most shelters in Stockton, CA. Most times I cannot even get a good job because businesses see most Transwomen as men dressing ridiculous or embarrassing. What I also experience is how Transwomen are targeted more for rape and murder, mostly by Gangs and other homeless people (those who have gotten out of jail/prison).

It is hard for me as a Transwoman in difficult living conditions.

The shelter oppression here in Stockton will not place Transwomen in the protection of the women’s shelter. Instead, we are put in the homeless men’s shelter where murder, rape and worse etc. occur; I have experienced some of these things on occasion. Most Transwomen I have met had to prostitute just to survive because jobs discriminate towards them.

We need to fight for a socialist revolution and bring true rights for not just transFolks but the entire LGBTQ.

We need to separate the church and the system that brings about the real oppression against the LGBTQ. Equality starts with true liberation of the oppressed and I mean all of the oppressed. The PCUSA shall be the Party that leads this fight.