VOTE: Electoral Struggle

VOTE: Electoral Struggle

by Comade Peter Korman

One of the most interesting things I have learned while running for public office has been that there is absolutely no need to receive any funding whatsoever in order to be successful in getting your platform across to people.

All that is technically required is that you receive enough signatures on a petition in order to express that it is the will of some of the people that they would wish that you be on their voting ballot as a choice for whatever office you are running for. Asking for money from individuals makes an individual who is running become beholden not to the people that they are supposed to serve but rather beholden to those that have given them the money to basically purchase their success. This allows the campaign donors, usually corporations and big capitalist companies to control the individual if they become elected to office.

It has indeed been proven that there is no need to engage in this type of begging for resources from destructive organizations such as corporate capitalistic corporations. This removes the candidates focus away from the needs of the people and towards the needs of the donors as they are seeing your candidacy as a business investment. This makes the issues of making human lives better secondary to that of corporate and business profits.

This is how are constitutional republic has been destroyed and turned into an oligarchy due to decisions that favor corporations and far right big businesses. An example of this would be the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. This decision equated the expenditure of big capital to the fundamental right of human freedom of speech. 1.(Citizens United versus Federal Elections Commission, 2009)

This means that corporations are allowed to dump as much bribery money into the hands of the candidates they wish to control its puppets as they wish without any reprisal from being audited by a watchdog agency to make sure such casino politics does not occur. However; this is a direct result of the contradictions of the capitalist system. Everything is for sale and commoditized. Even the law and the well-being of the citizenry.


1. Citizens United versus Federal Elections Commission, 08-205 Argued March 24, 2009 through September 9, 2009 October term of the Supreme Court of the United States 2009 1 (2009)